The Last Cartographer is a real world location based interpretation of the digital fiction “The Last Cartographer”. Using augmented reality technology though the application Layar we created an interactive non linear/recombinant narrative that leads the user around Granville Island. The story follows two lovers attempting to locate each other in a dystopian future where climate change has put most of the city underwater.  By using mobile technology as the basis of navigation, we put the user in the story where the characters use the same tools (phones) to locate each other. Similarly, by making the setting Granville Island, Vancouver BC Canada the user is placed directly in the context of the original story. In a way a reference to the Dérive of the french situationists, this project explores the different possibilities of a fiction created from possible arrangements of nodes or touch points in the digital world and the influence of the user decisions from real world interference.  


What you will need to interact with this story :

  • Wifi Connection
  • Layar application
    • (acessible from QR on right or here )
  • iOS or Android device
  • Enabled location services (recommended)
Layar How-to


Keeping with the cartography and false creek theme of the original content provided, Granville Island maps are employed as waypoints for the users to reference throughout their journey. The real world maps that exist for normal navigation around the island have been ‘hacked’ to show the locations of all the nodes of the story when scanned. In addition to this there is a google map with markers and images of the locations available at every node, with a layer detailing the linear path of the story if the user wishes to follow that path. It is also accessible by scanning any of the many maps on Granville Island that will high light all the nodes.


These images portray examples of the hidden story content that is revealed throughout the experience