Riot tells the story of the shocking and destructive Vancouver hockey riot of 2011 that brought hundreds of arrests and millions of dollars of destruction. This musical response to the event is an uncompromising look at mob mentality, privilege, and culpability. The music, inspired by the world of electronica, is performed by the Hard Rubber Riot Ensemble, a high-energy and eclectic group of musicians. Merging video footage and high energy music, Riot immerses one into the incomprehensible.

I assisted acclaimed composer John Korsrud in the production and translation of his abstract musical ideas from sheet music into electronic music compositions. Using Abelton Live to design the sounds they were then mixed and exported to be used as complimentary sound sources for the orchestral theatre production as wellas converted back into sheet music for the musicians to play.

Riot! was recently performed at the International Society for Contemporary Music World New Music Days 2017.