My Transit story. 

Working with two other students at Emily Carr we developed a web experience and app that work as a system with the end goal  increasing ridership. 

The purpose of this application is to provide an easy and safe way to post problems on transit lines that may cause discomfort or danger to transit users while also enabling them to record their moods. The recording of moods allows users to journal their experiences and see in their riding history that their perception of transit is skewed toward negative experiences that are actually more infrequent than thought.

Making the reporting function easy and inconspicuous will hopefully increase report rates making people feel safer and more comfortable and by gathering this user generated feedback the company can improve services and focus their efforts on problems that the ridership finds off putting or a barrier against transit use.

Tip : zoom out in your browser to see full interactive prototype

Note : Some of the functionality of the app does not behave as expected when embedded on this website. The original prototype can be seen here: