Cats Only Club

Branding for Vancouver based monthly event. 


The talented trio known as IMUR wanted some imagery for their summer excursions throughout western Canada gracing stages and splashing in the many rivers and lakes that our piece of Earth has to offer. Taking this into mind I created a playful water inspired logo with some reference you their sensual sonic style.

imur logo-02.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 6.46.43 PM.png

Chapel Sound Festival

I played many roles in this inaugural festival as a performer, curator, and designer. Having been involved with Chapel Sound from its inception in late 2012 I hold this near and dear to my heart. Together with fellow founding member Sean Oh we designed and branded the festival, designing everything from posters to tickets to the lanyards and website at


Adventures in Paradise

By adapting my pen and ink style to the digital medium I created a logo, business cards and stickers for the local startup label Adventures in Paradise. 



Coming to this project with her own vision, I assisted Francesca Belcourt with the digitization and refinement of her rough sketches for her tape release of the album “Zongs” on Genero Sound.