Eli Muro  is a producer and DJ based out of Vancouver BC. Drawing musical inspiration from the evolving relationship between man and the technology we create, his recordings and live performances combine modern electronic explorations with danceable beats by combining live PA with DJ techniques and live instrumentation.

While steadily moulding his personal musical style into something unique, he was one of 20 Canadian musicians selected by the esteemed Red Bull Music Academy to participate in BassCamp Montreal in early 2014.

A founding member of the Chapel Sound crew, he also headed up Jellyfish Recordings, a Vancouver based creative collective and net label focused on connecting local like minded producers across a range of styles and influences on which he released a number of Vancouver artists and compilations.  Continuing in the vein of scene building, Eli ran Melt, an electronic music night in Vancouver giving some of Canadas now rising talents their first taste of performance and provided a public forum for collaboration, meeting and feedback for local producers and musicians.