The world around us is entwined in networks of  invisible interactions. The multitude of connections from one person to another through the internet is a web of changing tensions, the pushing and pulling of information that we neither see nor feel. 

 As someone whose life has taken place during the worlds rapid digitization and technological progress where the essential tools of today could quickly be the antiques of tomorrow, I have always sought ways to create dialogues about the change I have seen and experienced. Through hands on manipulation of sculptural objects to the programming of digital works I seek to show the parallels and incongruences of our binary lives to gain a better understanding of the social implications of digital technology. 


Within this proposed space passively interacting people influence the consistently changing abstract representation of the system they are in. People come and go, unwittingly changing the piece as they  enter and leave the network.

This project is meant to probe this concept of parallels and expose it in a visual manner to instigate thought about our everyday lives and how they may be silently effecting the world around us. By functioning at the intersection of the digital and physical world where we experience our simultaneous existence, it provides a node for personal reflection of ones place in a vast network, our influence on it and it on us.