An illustrator and designer, I also paint, sculpt, and tinker with electronics and computers. While visual art has been my passion from a very young age I fell in love with music production and technology and have been focusing on that in recent years. 

I grew up bouncing between Vancouver and Vancouver Island and have settled in the former as of late. My formative years were mostly spent on the island amidst rivers and forests to which I accredit my natural pen and ink style. 

I spent some years at Emily Carr University studying a variety of general interest courses, and generally, I didn't find my self too interested in any of them so i took a leave before returning to study Interaction Design in hopes of uniting my disparate interests. In my scholastic absence I started a Vancouver based music collective and label called Jellyfish Recordings to frame some of the local electronic music scene for an international audience. This evolved into many other things and was the springboard to larger recognition for some of my friends and collaborators.