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Hello!  I'm a multidisciplinary designer and artist from Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. . I hold a bachelors in Interaction Design From Emily Carr University, but my skills include illustration, graphic design, musical curation and production, to name a few. 

Much of my work focuses on the points where people and technology meet, whether it be in User Experience, Research, or Interactive Installation. I'm just as comfortable with a paint brush in my hand as I am prototyping and building interactive experiences. Recently I have been exploring information systems from a critical perspective  through spatial interactivity and sensor based environments

 As someone whose life has taken place during the worlds rapid digitization and technological progress where the essential tools of today could quickly be the antiques of tomorrow, I have always sought ways to create dialogues about the change I have seen and experienced. Through hands on manipulation of sculptural objects to the programming of digital works I seek to show the parallels and incongruences of our binary lives to gain a better understanding of the social implications of digital technology.